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The Top Ten Essential Oils for Cleaning & Maintaining Your Home

Nobody likes living in a home that is dirty and unmaintained. Thats why Cure Oils features a line of essential oils just for cleaning. Our 100% therapeutic grade essential oils are the perfect way to help keep your home sparkling clean. Whether you already have these essential oils, or you find a new oil to love we want to help you live the best you can. Here are our picks for the top ten essential oils for cleaning and maintaining your home, office, or business.

#10 Orange:

Known for its sweet, citrus aroma Orange (or sometime reffered to as sweet orange) is a powerful cleaner with antiseptic and antifungal properties.  Orange essential oil is also known for being a strong degreaser. It’s traditionally combined with other oils such as cinnamon, lavender or lemon to add a more appealing aroma while cleaning.  

#9 Clove:

While Clove has many uses, one of its best qualities is in it’s ability to fight or remove mold. This makes it great for cleaning areas with a lot of moisture such as the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. While these are common uses for it, don’t undersell its possibilities in other areas as well. It has been used to clean carpets (especially if they have mold in them), cleaning leather, and as a fly or ant deterrent.

#8 Thyme:

Thyme is an essential oil that is a powerful disinfectant making it a great option as a multipurpose cleaner. It can be used in all areas of the house and will help eliminate germs known to cause e.coli, salmonella, and other harmful illnesses.

#7 Grapefruit:

By simply adding a few drops of Grapefruit oil to a spray bottle a fantastic all-purpose cleaner is made. It will work well on many different surfaces and adds a pleasant aroma as well.

#6 Eucalyptus:

This is an essential oil that can be used a lot of different ways. It has strong properties that kill germs making it wonderful for bathrooms, kitchens, and other high germ areas. Combining it with baking soda and vinegar creates an ideal toilet bowl cleaner. Many people use it as an air freshener for their home. When using it as a cleaner the pleasant scent it leaves behind is another bonus.

#5 Oregano:

Using Oregano to replace other cleaners that use harsh and potentially harmful chemicals can make every home safer while remaining sanitary. There are various uses for Oregano as a cleaner. One common way to use it is by putting some (try around ten drops) on a damp cloth. Its natural antiseptic characteristics will instantly transform the rag into powerful cleaner great for using it on furniture, counter tops, toys, and other common household items.

#4 Lemon:

Lemon is terrific at cutting through grease. This makes it a fantastic alternative for different kitchen cleaning tasks. For even more cleaning power try combining it with herbaceous essential oils such as Thyme or Basil. Another benefit of using Lemon for cleaning is that it’s been shown to improve peoples mood through it’s aromatic powers.

#3 Tea Tree:

While many people think of Tea Tree for it’s aromatic uses, it is also great for cleaning. Tea Tree is great for cleaning high germ areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. This is due to it’s tremendous antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties. It becomes even more versatile when combined with other essential oils such as Lavender or Orange.

#2 Lavender:

Lavender makes a great all-purpose cleaner that produces a fresh sweet scent. Plus its scents effect on the nervous system helps people to be more calm and relaxed.

#1 Peppermint:

As a result of being so potent, Peppermint is great at killing bacteria and mold. Remember that Peppermint is strong so make sure not to make the cleaner to strong. One drop of oil is as strong as 30 cups of Peppermint tea. Also known for being stimulating and revitalizing means cleaning with Peppermint will help keep energy up until the chores are done.