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We find the highest quality essential oils from all around the world. We work with farms and growers that grow the plants right (organically) and then distill them properly (low temperature and no or low pressure). A plant grown in the proper environment will produce a superior oil when distilled with care.

All our essential oils are either Certified Organic (the farm has an organic certification from their government agency), Organically Grown (grown organically but not certified, some countries do not offer organic certification), or Wild (grown by nature).

Dedicated to the quality and purity of our product, we purchase our oils from around the world and only accept those meeting strict quality guidelines. Our oils are tested with Gas Chromatography and Spectrometry (GC/MS) testing, which means we test which molecules are present in a sample and check them against a recognized standard. Through this testing, we find any impurities or chemical fertilizers, and discover whether or not the oils have been diluted or altered in any way.

Over the years we have personally experimented with varying qualities of oil.  After extensive research, we formed our company to offer the highest quality essential oils to you.  It is our life's mission to sell 100% pure essential oil, to aid healing.  When an  essential oil is not a therapeutic grade, you will find limited medicinal value.  If you compare our therapeutic grade oils to any other company's oils, you will be amazed at the higher quality.