Why Cure Oils?

We provide the highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils & blends at the most affordable prices on the market. We sell only to retail locations so that we are not in competion with our wholesalers.  We source from the most reputable growers and distillers around the world.  We want to provide therapeutic grade products that can actually aid in the healing process - at prices that are affordable to everyone.  We offer a variety of affordable therapeutic grade oils & sizes so you don't have to purchase more than you need.  We know you will love our therapeutic grade products as much as we do.


Customer Reviews

“Therapeutic grade essential oils are a great addition to my life! I believe in Cure Oils quality of products.”

- Sara Daniels, Evolve Healing Arts

Cure Oils Quality

Special Tested

Our therapeutic grade oils are tested with Gas Chromatography and Spectrometry (GC/MS) testing, which means we test which molecules are present in a sample and check them against a recognized standard. Through this testing, we find any impurities or chemical fertilizers, and discover whether or not the oils have been diluted or altered in any way.

Certified Product

We find the highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils from all around the world. We work with farms and growers that grow the plants right (organically) and then distill them properly (low temperature and no or low pressure). A plant grown in the proper environment will produce a superior oil when distilled with care.  Our philosophy is that high quality, organic products don't need to be expensive. Everything we produce is high-quality and affordable.

Organic Certified

All our therapeutic grade essential oils are either Certified Organic (the farm has an organic certification from their government agency), Organically Grown (grown organically but not certified, some countries do not offer organic certification), or Wild (grown by nature).  With our organic products, you can be confident that you're making a great choice for the environment and for your family.