I am a registered nurse and have always had faith in modern medicine.  I came across Cure Oils brand while wondering what's this essential oil thing all about.    I have a special needs child and he has a lot of cold sores.  It's hard to give him oral medication.  In just a couple of treatments Oral Cure, the core sore starts to dry up and heal.    Other Cure Oils products I love are Flash and Sleep blends.  Flash is a wonderful oil blend!  Going through menopause is not fun. The hot flashes especially!  I couldn't sleep and was waking up with night sweats. This wonderful oil saved me!  I use this before I go to bed and when the hot flashes hit.  After just a minute this cold wonderful feeling comes and it's so great!   I have also used the Migraine Blend because I have monthly migraines and usually take medication that is so potent and wipes me out.  It really helps and I can avoid the harsh medications.  I rub the Migraine on my temporal area  and back of neck.

So I'm a believer! Essential oils are a great addition to my life!  I believe in Cure Oils products.  The blends from Cure Oils are made with expertise! I feel that this company makes and distributes products, at a great value, better than any of the other essential oil companies.


Leisa  | Utah

I have to say that I was skeptical about essential oils. I have had severe bouts of vertigo and the only thing that the doctors could do is let it run its course. Finally, I tried Frankincense, Peppermint and Digest blend and my symptoms were gone within 24 hours! In the past when I've had vertigo, I am horribly sick for 4-6 days. My skepticism is gone and I have since had multiple members of my family try Cure Oils' products for various different ailments. My family has loved these oils for a great price.


Wendy  | Utah

I have had a problem with cold sores my entire life.  I get them 2-3 times a month. I have literally tried everything: expensive medications like Denavir, Lysine, freezing it with ice, etc. ABSOLUTLEY nothing has worked to lessen the duration or take it away. I usually put up with the blister for a week, then the scab from the blister for another week and then a week of a red sensitive spot on my lip. I have been known to get a new cold sore on top of the one that is healing.  Then I tried Cure Oil's Oral Cure blend.  The first time I applied Oral Cure, the cold sore had started to form a small blister.   By the next day, the blister was smaller and drying up.  I continued to apply Oral Cure and my sore was completely gone in two days.  Since then, I apply the Oral Cure when I first feel the tingling and it has never turns into a blister.  It is like a dream come true!

Because I loved Oral Cure I tried other products.   Mosquitoes LOVE me! I am a mosquito magnet! Ever since I tried Cure Oil's Repel blend, I have not been bothered at all by them.   I apply Repel before I go outside for an evening and I am no longer bothered by pesky mosquitoes.  When I forget the repellent and I do get a bite, Cure Oil's Repair blend  helps heal the skin.  Instead of a bite lasting 3-4 days, it is gone my morning.   These essential oil blends are AMAZING!


Carolyn  | Utah

I love my Cure Oils! I always know I'm using the best and purest oils when I use my Cure Oils.
A family favorite is Repel. We love how it smells, and more how well it works at keeping those pesky bugs away. I could never go back to using our old repellent.
With a newborn in the home during the cold winter months, it was essential that germs stayed away. Guardian played a key role in keeping our air clean and bodies healthy. It did wonders on our scratchy throats and cutting virus duration in half. Smells like Christmas in a bottle!
I love using my Cure Oils on my kids when a virus strikes and I now no longer feel as helpless when treating them. Diffusing Clear into my kid's rooms has helped alleviate symptoms which allow a better nights rest....for everyone!


Chelsea  | Ohio

I was very skeptical about using essential oils before trying them, thinking they were just a craze because everyone I knew was using them, now they are my go-to “Medicine”.  Having a 1 1/2 year old boy the Repair Blend is a miracle blend for his scrapes, cuts and burses   Some of my favorite oils that are crucial to have around my home are Allergy Blend and Guardian Blend. I also love using the Lavender if my son is having a hard time sleeping.  I am a true believer in these oils!   I recommend Cure Oils to anyone and everyone.   I attended an essential oils class held by the owner of Cure Oils because I didn't know what Cure Oils were or much about essential oils.   Then I hosted a class for my friends and it was a great experience, no pressure to buy anything, but after being taught about them,  I wanted one of everything.


Alicia  | Utah

"I have absolutely fallen in love with cure oils. I am a mother of 3 very young children and want the best for them within my budget. Cure Oils has allowed me to get the best possible grade of oils at a affordable price. My little 2 year old recently caught a summer herpes virus and had lots of sores in her mouth. My pediatrician told me there was nothing we could do help her, we just needed to wait for it to pass. He told us it will continue to get worse and we should start seeing improvements in 10 days!  I immediately ordered the Cold Sore blend from cure oils and started treating the sores. All sores were completely gone in 3 days! I refer everyone to Cure Oils. You could not ask a better essential oils business. Thank you Cure Oils!"


Jacque  | California

Our family loves Cure Oils, especially the Repair blend. My husband has always had a really hard time healing from any skin abrasions, the Repair is absolutely mind blowing with how fast he is healing.  The quality of the oils are fantastic and my massage clients love them.  Some of my favorites include the Frankincense, Massage and Guardian blends.

Thank you so much for your fantastic pricing & free shipping.


Amy | Utah

Thank you Cure Oils for making the Gentlemen blend.  I use your blend to relieve pressure and symptoms in my low abdomen and bladder associated with urinary issues.  I use Gentlemen for 5-7 days at a time to relieve pressure and increase flow.  The bonus is the great woodsy, masculine smell!


Scott | Utah