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Allergy Kit

Allergy Kit

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Our Allergy Kit includes each of the following: 1 blank pocket diffuser, Allergy 3 Blend (Spring and Fall seasonal allergy blend), Eucalyptus (Winter - environmental allergy blend) and Lavender (Summer - skin allergies).  This group of essential oils provide relief from our bodies' reaction to allergens in all four seasons.  In Spring and Fall, inhale the allergy blend to get relief from seasonal allergies due to plant growth and our outdoor exposure.  In Winter, add 3 drops of Eucalyptus to morning shower to make a steam that supports our respiratory sytem during bad air days.  In Summer, apply Lavender to relieve skin issues like rashes, hives, sunburn, cuts and scraps from gardening or hiking, insect bites, etc.  

All kits are discounted 20% from regular retail prices.

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