Back to School Face Mask Hack

Author: Cure Oils Date: August 17, 2020 Tags: Recipes


You will be amazed at how great a face mask smells and will stay fresh for a great length of time when fumigated in an enclosed box.   To fumigate a face mask, all you need is a 2 compartment pencil box and 5-6 drops of essential oil.   Place the face mask in one compartment and the drops of essential oil in the other.  We did this so the essential oils do not stain the fabric of the mask.  Essential oils are often bold colors that can leave a stain.   Close the lid and leave the mask in the box overnight or when you are not wearing it.  We used CUREoils Peppermint essential oil but there are other great choices.  Citrus essential oils would be a great option as well. 

Stay safe everyone and enjoy going back to school!