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Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are just around the corner. Have you been searching for a gift idea that comes from the heart? We suggest a lovely linen spray! What parent would not love a homemade linen spray along with a beautiful new set of sheets? Our linen spray recipe below has 2 variations, one with a combination of oils for Mom and another for Dad. Both versions are restful blends that include Lavender essential oil.



Linen Spray

30 drops Essential Oil – any combination
15 drops Lavender + 15 drops Clary Sage = For Mom
15 drops Lavender + 15 drops Cedarwood = For Dad
2 oz witch hazel
2 oz water

Add all ingredients to a 4oz. glass spray bottle. Shake well. Use as a restful blend for bed linens.

Bottles available on Amazon and at Whole Foods.


Aromatic Description: Sharp, herbal, musky, sagey

Benefits and Uses:

  • Well known for reducing anxiety and stress
  • Aroma alleviates depression by directly inhaling from bottle
  • Promotes healthy living by boosting immune system and inhibits virus and bacteria
  • Relieves inflammation and helps body deal with pain
  • A great respiratory and asthma blend by calming spams and emotional breathing
  • Often used to support female ailments by increasing menstrual flow and balancing other hormonal issues.
  • Because of skin healing properties it is a favorite oil to add to DIY skincare and haircare products
  • To encourage dream recall add 2-3 drops to a cotton ball or on pillow

Cramp-Soothe Bath

5 drops Clary Sage
3 drops Ylang Ylang
3 drops Geranium
2 drops Cypress
Combine all essential oils in a glass bottle. Add 3 drops to a bath to relieve normal cramping associated with menstruation.


6 drops Clary Sage
5 drops White Fir or Eucalyptus
4 drops Lavender
Add oils to a blank inhaler to ease breathing and chest tension.


Diffuse: Use three to four drops in the diffuser.

Topical: For occasional use apply 1-2 drops to body. For daily use apply diluted in a carrier oil to body.

Pets: For occasional use apply 1-2 drops to body. For daily use apply diluted in a carrier oil to body.