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NOTHING SMELLS LIKE SPRING MORE THAN LIME ESSENTIAL OIL. Lime essential oil represents the freshness of Spring in a bottle. Just thinking of removing the lid and...Read More

February 2022

Ladies Blend is a specialty essential oil is designed especially for the women out there. This blend features a mix of Clary Sage, Bergamot, Geranium...Read More

January 2022

With the winter season fully upon us, complete with freezing weather and a plethora of sicknesses, it is important to protect yourself from harmful bacteria and viruses hanging around everyday objects...Read More

December 2021

Cassia essential oil (Cinnamon leaf) is beneficial for skin conditions, anti-spasmodic, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, acne, arthritis, rheumatism, insomnia, tachycardia, phlebitis...Read More

Let's enjoy the last of Fall before Christmas overruns our lives. I want to savor the warmth and gratitude of the season without skipping down the road to the next holiday. Give myself a moment to think about my blessings and do a little self-care...Read More

School is back in full swing and we begin to miss our summer family together time. Are you looking for a quick and easy weekend project for your family? Try our recipe for a natural lip balm using peppermint essential oil which is the monthly freebie...Read More

Do you have lingering smells wreaking havoc throughout your home? Are you struggling to figure out how to get rid of them? Foul odors are a pain to locate and can even make your home an unpleasant and unwelcoming place to live. If this sounds like a problem you are facing, but don’t know where to begin, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered...Read More

IT’S BACK TO SCHOOL TIME AGAIN! As preparations start with our children and teenagers to get ready for the beginning of school, we are offering our ACNE BLEND as our August Freebie. Many of our young people are feeling the stress of going back to school...Read More

ARE WE DRY ENOUGH YET? We have really felt the hot, dry weather this summer. Because our skin and hair are so dry and have been subjected to sun and dry winds, it is time to treat ourselves. Try adding essential oils and plant materials from your garden to your bath salts and soak in the goodness...Read More

Our long-awaited summer is here! As we enjoy our great outdoor adventures, we suggest a natural way to keep ourselves free from the pests that will no doubt plague us. Try our simple natural Lemongrass oil insect repellent...Read More

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are just around the corner. Have you been searching for a gift idea that comes from the heart? We suggest a lovely linen spray! What parent would not love a homemade linen spray along with a beautiful new set of sheets?...Read More

Pack Your Bags We Are Going on a Road trip! Peppermint essential oil is crisp, clean and refreshing. Due to the sharp and stimulating high menthol levels in CURE OILS’ Peppermint essential oil, it is the perfect traveling companion...Read More

Harvest time? It’s true! We can now make use of our winter plants for special winter ailments... Read More

February 2021

What could be more thoughtful than to share our love on Valentine's Day with a handmade love potion? Read More

January 2021

During our long, dark winter days there is nothing better than candles to bring...Read More

December 2020

Gathering. A variety of dry herbs can be used to make incense cones...Read More

When our body is compromised by illness Clear’s constituents assist... Read More

Cure Oils Guardian Blend contains cleansing properties and... Read More

Lemongrass is like that cool person you know... Read More

DIY your very own Cedarwood Hand Sanitizer... Read More

The easiest step to improve your health... Read More

Forest Bathing is the practice of immersing yourself in nature... Read More

Buying a glass foaming hand soap bottle ... Read More

You will be amazed at how great a face mask smells.... Read More

The reason why that may be true, is because the Thyme plant produces.... Read More

Tea Tree is the triple crown of essential oils, it is antibacterial, antiviral, and... Read More

Why is there so much confusion about which type of Rosemary to buy? Let us explain... Read More

Find the essential oil needed based on how it will be used... Read More

See a list of uses for our essential oils... Read More

February 2020

What are the five families and what essential oils belong where... Read More

These essential oils are universally recognized as unsafe during pregnancy... Read More

One women’s journey to start her own business.... Read More


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